About us

About us


About us
Devitech Ltd. is a small-scale enterprise, founded and settled in Bulgaria in a well known area in the field of metal working industry – Kazanlak. Our team consists of highly motivated and qualified experts with long time experience in the metal working and young specialists in the field of precise metal working. We combine a wide spectrum of different areas of competence and we go along with you from the idea to the the final metal piece. With our competence and the available manufacturing machines we are able to support you at each single stage of the production process.  
Efficiency plays a central role for us. We handle your order at your earliest convenience while we clarify with you the order and then we begin the processing and manufacturing. Thereby all resources are optimally applied. Certainly the quality of the final product hast he highest priority for us. Therefore, you get in advance a manufactured product sample – thus you can convince yourself personally from our competence.
Our high performance CNC lathe metal working and milling machines enable the production of diverse working pieces with wide areas of application.
The manufacturing of a certain product is implemented according the customer order:
   - Manufacturing from upon a given pattern or
   - Manufacturing according to drawings
We prepare the final engineering design and develop the products via up to date software.
Devitech works with regard to quality, punctuality of delivery and price meeting all market and customer demands.


 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria   devitech@yahoo.com  +359 (0)879 312 555

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